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Lock Up Your Logs

HOMEOWNERS have been

warned to lock up their logs after

the price of firewood rose to £200

per tonne.
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Welcome to GW Price & Son

Bespoke Timber Garden Products

Established in 2010 G W Price & Son are a new company based on old principals. We offer high quality timberproducts at realistic prices.

G W Price & Son offer a bespoke design service allowing you to customize our products to your exact needs.

Using techniques old and new we can deliver the best design approach to suit you.

We offer a large range of products including dog kennels / dog runs, dovecotes, decking, gates, log stores and much, much more. check out our gallery to see examples of our past work.

At G W Price & Son we are always looking to develop new products. The latest in our collection is a new range of high quality dovecotes. In the near future we aim to launch a full collection on our website however we are currently making them to order.

As shown above our flagship range is based around an octagon suitable for 8 pairs. We offer a variety of formats suitable for mounting on posts or walls catering for any number of pairs you desire.

As with all our products we offer a full range of finishing options and can supply a full installation service. Please contact us for further information or check out our gallery for more products that we offer.

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